Start up your business with the help of Cyber Ruler

The cyber ruler has brought another service like the rest of his service, which is that you start your own business. The cyber ruler will help you in starting your own business, whether you want to start a small business or a big one. Cyber ruler is ready to start your every kind of business. To start your business, the cyber ruler will not charge you much service for this, so if you are thinking of opening any business, then contact the cyber ruler today and take a step to open your business easily

  • Cyber ruler will help you in starting your business
  • Whether you want to start a business, big or small, cyber ruler will help you in starting every kind of business.
  • Whose service charge even the cyber ruler will not charge you more

Which company would you like to register?


One Person Company (OPC)

Private Limited (PVT)

Partnership (LLP) 

Let’s understand the basics and important factors on all above kind of Business

Proprietorship Firm Registration (Sole Proprietor)

There are is many forms of business registration, out of which most popular is Proprietorship firm registration and it is also the simplest form of Business registration where the responsibility is only on one person for running the business. Proprietorship firm registration in Delhi is very cost effective and require fewer compliances. The documents required for this are identity and the address proof of the owner. It can be done either by getting MSME Registration or GST Registration within 3-5 working days.

One Person Company Registration (OPC)

One Person Company registration is a new concept if you want your own business registration with no intervention of any third party then it’s the best way of company registration, the first and the foremost thing to understand before one person company registration It is that only a natural person who is an Indian citizen and resident in India can initiate one person company registration or can become a nominee. To initiate one person company registration, the details such as company name, the objective of business activity, identity and address proof of the Director and the nominee, address proof of the registered office of the OPC are required.

Private Limited Company Registration (PVT)

Private limited company incorporation is the most common structure of Business registration. Unlike working as a sole trader or being in a partnership a private limited company is a legal entity in its own right but there is a requirement of minimum of two shareholders to form a Private Limited company. It is governed by the provisions of Companies Act, 2013.The first and the most important step of Private limited company registration is to decide a name and get the same from the authority. You can reserve the name before incorporation by filing Reserve Unique Name (RUN) Form.

Partnership Firm Registration 

Partnership firm registration is a specific kind of relationship formed by an agreement between two or more individuals in which each partner has to invest to carry on a business. Partnership firm registration is the most preferable structure because there is not much compliance or high cost involved. The only documents required for partnership firm registration are identity and address proof of the partners. These firms are governed by the Indian Partnership Act, 1932.

Features of our start up business service.

Experience Team

Better team support is also there.

Quick Response

The cyber ruler answers you quickly, without spending too much time.

Flexible Payment

You can also get a little measure of payment according to you.


₹3,500.00(GST Extra @18%)
  • You Get:
  • 1. GST Registration
  • 2. MSME Registration
  • 3. Current Bank Account Opening


₹5,000.00(GST Extra @18%)
  • You Get:
  • 1. Partnership Deed
  • 2. PAN And GST Registration
  • 3. Current Account Opening
  • 4. *Stamp Duty Payable on actual basis.


₹11,000.00(GST Extra @18%)
  • You Get:
  • 1. Name Approval From Registration Of Companies
  • 2. Partnership DEED Drafting And LLP Incorporation
  • 3. PAN and GST Registration
  • 4. * Stamp duty payable on actual basis


₹12,000.00(GST Extra @18%)
  • You Get:
  • 1. Name Approval from Registration of Companies
  • 2. MOA and AOA Drafting
  • 3. Certificate Of incorporation and MOA & AOA
  • 4. GST Registration
  • 5. Current Account Opening
  • 6. *Stamp Duty Payable on actual basis

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