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Digital Marketing Framework

Marketing Overview
Need for Marketing
Factors affecting Marketing
Digital Marketing Introduction
Need for Digital Marketing
Why are people going online?
Digital Marketing in contrast to traditional marketing methods
Key Elements in Digital Marketing

Building a Website

Introduction to Internet and Web
Brief on Domain Names & Extensions
Website Hosting & Servers
Types of Websites
How to Plan and Implement a Website?
Best Practices while building a Website
Building a Website using WordPress

Search Engine Optimization

Introduction to SEO
Brief on terms related with SEO
On-Page Optimization
Off-Page Optimization
Local SEO
How to write SEO ready content?
SEO tools and plugins for website
Brief Knowledge on Google Updates

Advertising with AdWords

Brief understanding on Google AdWords
Understanding & Creating Search Campaigns
Optimizing Campaigns
Understanding & Creating Display Campaign
Optimizing Display Campaigns
Measuring Performances

Google Analytics

Introduction to Google Analytics
Understanding Analytics
Starting with & Setting Up Google Analytics
Brief on terms related with Google Analytics
Integrating AdWords & Analytics
Monitoring Analytics Account

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Introduction to SMM
SMM relation to Viral Marketing
Facebook Marketing
Facebook Advertising
LinkedIn Marketing
Twitter Marketing
Video Marketing
Marketing Tips on SMM

E-Mail Marketing

What is E-Mail Marketing?
Complete Blueprint on E-Mail Marketing
Setting Up Campaigns
Monitoring Performances
Best Practices & Tips

Online Advertising

Understanding and Types
Display Advertising
Contextual Advertising
Payment Modules
Available Third Parties
Tracking & Measurement
Creating Ads using Tools

E-Commerce Advertising

What is E-Commerce?
Case Studies
Scenario in India
Creating & Formulating a Strategy
Use of Affiliate

Lead Generation

Why is it important?
Brief on Thank You Page
Brief on Landing Page
Best Practices on Thank You & Landing Pages
A/B Testing
Lead Conversion
Creating Strategy

Mobile Web Marketing

Understanding working of mobile websites
Grid System
Mobile Marketing & Social Media
Measurement & Analytics
Creating website through WordPress
Use of Best Tools
Creating Mobile Application
Advertising on Mobile
SMS or Text Marketing

Content Marketing

How-To write SEO ready Content?
Understanding Keyword Research
Tips & Tricks to write attractive content
Use of Templates
Strategies to Optimize
Case Studies

Creating Strategies

Best Case Studies
How- To Start
Industry Specific Examples

$ Affiliate Marketing $

Starting with best influencers
Case Studies
Scenario in India
Different Ways on How-To
Examples from the Real World
Affiliate Marketing Networks
Getting Approved as an Affiliate
Secrets on making Money online

Blogging & AdSense

How-To start with Blogging
Optimizing Blog
Understanding AdSense
Placing Ads on your Blog
Best Practices and Tips & Tricks

Digital Marketing Course

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A total of 15 Chapters are included in the Course. All the Chapters are written with an Objective of providing Free Educational Knowledge to those
who aspire to be a Digital Marketer
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