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Cyber Ruler is designed to serve all those who aspire to do something on their own.

Today, in this digitally advanced era, this website aims to diminish the gap that exists between all those who have a business or for all those who have been thinking to start something on their own, but didn’t knew how to take it to the online world.

This website fills that gap and helps people to achieve their dreams by connecting them with the digital technology that has been thriving for some years now and will continue to do so in the future.

This website is divided into 3 parts.

  1. A Complete Course on Digital Marketing that includes building a website from scratch, optimizing a website for search engines, online advertising, analytics, marketing on social media platforms, e-mail marketing, e-commerce marketing, mobile web marketing, content marketing, affiliate marketing, generating leads for business and blogging.Get an overview of the Digital Marketing Course.
  2. A complete guide, involving all the ways on how to make money online. The content in this part of the website provides “How To Knowledge” on getting started with any online business.The content also lists out all the rules and ethical practices that will have to be followed while being part of any online job.
  3. To make you updated with the latest digital marketing trends, there is a Blog section completely dedicated to it. You can anytime visit the blog section to view the latest updates in digital marketing techniques.

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